Welcome statement by the Executive Director

What We Do for You?

CHAL has been in existence since 1973, as a non-profit association for collective efforts and common voice from six member churches; to provide health services in Lesotho. We are glad to announce to announce that we have reached the 10 years of sustainable partnership with the government of Lesotho to ensure provision of quality and affordable services to the poor and marginalised segments of the community. Over the years, CHAL has provided holistic health services through its hospitals and health centres; in the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation as a tangible expression of Christ vision of love thy neighbour as thy self, aligned with our mandate in ensuring that Basotho receive high quality health services.

We execute this mandate through coordination of curative, preventative, rehabilitative and palliative care to our member institutions and facilitation in provision of competent health professionals, coordination of capacity building, infrastructure development and stakeholder engagement for building mutual relationships with the government and our partners.

In pursuit to provide holistic health services, CHAL has continued to form partnerships with both local and international institutions; in-line to full-fill our mandate in provision of high quality services. Currently, CHAL is hosting several partners in its health facilities to strengthen the health system and provision of efficient health services. We ensure that our plans and programmes align with the priorities of the Ministry of Health in provision for quality health services.

CHAL receives its biggest support in the form of subvention and technical support from the Government of Lesotho (GoL) in order to provide comprehensive healthcare services to Basotho. CHAL is in turn, fulfilling its mandate of teaching, healing and serving. CHAL subvention budget is prepared based on the agreed financing mechanism which is projected from subvention budget for the financial year. Contrary to the projections of the funding formula. The funding is processed through the terms and conditions of signed MOH between CHAL and the Government, through Ministry of Health.

Currently, we are facing major challenges for funding our health facilities due to continuous budget cuts annually from the government. We need other interventions for support to remain innovative and sustainable health service providers. More partnerships will extent a hand in insuring health accessibility for all. CHAL forms 40% of the overall health service providers in Lesotho, which makes it the second largest health provider after the government; with 90% of its institutions located in the rural areas of the country to reach marginalised and vulnerable populations.

CHAL will continue to maintain and improve its services to the highest standard and execute its core mandate in-line with Christian values and principles in service delivery and ensuring quality health service provision to Basotho.