Christian Health Association of Lesotho

Monthly Trainings for village health workers

Maluti Hospital has embarked on monthly trainings for Village Health Workers to ensure that they provide proper health services to their comm...unities. This month of October, the training focused on AMR (Antimicrobial resistance) preventive strategies that can be done at community level with main focus on TB, HIV, HPV and gastroenteritis in children under the age of 5 years. Preventative strategies discussed were those that will not incur any costs to implement in everyday life and these activities include: Full Story here

Mosite Health Centre Hosts Sports Tournament

Mosite Health Centre has embarked on a campaign to encourage youth to test for HIV and TB and reduce teenage pregnancy through spo...rts.The event was hosted on the Independence Day, where local teams in the catchment area participated for netball and soccer. The clinic is currently providing healthcare services to 26 villages. 128 people tested for HIV and TB screening, 55 males and 73 females at this campaign. This was the second time Mosite Health Centre hosted this kind of tournament for the youth to encourage them to test for HIV and screen for TB. The local Counsellor supported this tournament with two soccer balls and water. Full Story here

Harvest FM host 2019 Health Expo

Each year Harvest FM celebrates the birthday of its Managing Director by hosting CSR event to improve the lives of vulnerable people in Lesotho. This year, FM hosted health expo to extend health services to factory workers and CHAL was represented by Loretto HC, Scott & St. Joseph's Hospitals.The health services provided included diabetes, hypertension and vaccination for children under the age of 5 years. This event was hosted at Qoaling, Maseru on the 18th August 2019. Full Story here


CHAL is a voluntary organization of six member churches, namely; The Anglican Church in Lesotho, The Assemblies of God Church, The Assemblies of God Church, The Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa, The Roman Catholic Church, and The Seventh Day Adventist Church of Southern Africa. The Association was registered in Lesotho in 1974 under the Societies Act following some historical developments briefly discussed below. CHAL currently provides about 40% of health care in Lesotho and is a key partner of the GoL in the health sector. Among the member churches they own 8 hospitals and 71 health centres throughout Lesotho