Christian Health Association of Lesotho

St. Leonard health centre receives labour and maternity equipment from Ministry Of Health

Over the years, St. Leonard Health Centre has been one of the health facilities that has not experienced maternal death and in 2017 it was one of the facilities that was reco...gnised and awarded for their dedication and outstanding work for conducting deliveries by The Ministry of Health. Hence, the reason why this year, Ministry of Health has provided them with equipment for the new labour and maternity ward. St. Leonard HC has converted the old clinic building into this labour and maternity ward, which has been named after the former Nurse in Charge, Sister Agnes Makhele for her dedication, hard work and long service to St. Leonard Health Centre.
The equipment St. Leonard received included, one infant warmer, three weighing scales, three examination couches, three examination lights, patient monitor, oxygen concentrator, infant incubator, two patient structure trollies, two examination trollies, two mayo tables, wheel chair, non-floating, floating, two analog BP operators stand type, suturing pack and fifty kidney dishes. These equipment has been donated to Ministry of Health by the Government of India, to assist Lesotho to improve healthcare services. More Stories here

Farewell Ceremony for Retiring Village Health Workers

St. Theresa Health Centre, Bela-Bela hosted a Farewell Ceremony for Retiring Village Health Workers. After long service for decades serving as village health workers and the link between St. Theresa Health Centre and the community, 24...24 men and women celebrated their time as VHWs as they retire from their duties. These men and women came from different villages served by St. Theresa Health Centre; ensuring health services were provided to people in need in their villages. These team was awarded certificates and gifts for appreciation and dedication they have shown in their work for many years. More Stories here

Inter CHAL Games 2019

This year the Inter CHAL Games were hosted by Seboche Mission Hospital, Botha-Bothe. Six of eight CHAL hospitals participated in this games and were: Paray Hospital, Seboche Hospital, ‘Mamohau Hospital, Tebellong Hospital, Scott Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital. These hospitals compe...ted in athletics, netball, volleyball, soccer and pool. Tebellong Hospital tookthe trophy in ladies’ athletics, while Seboche hospital was the second runner up and Paray Hospital the third. For men’s athletics St. Joseph’s Hospital came first, Seboche hospital took the second position and Paray Hospital came third. For netball, Paray Hospital took the trophy, while Tebellong Hospital took the second position and St. Joseph’s Hospital came the third. For volleyball games, St. Joseph’s Hospital won all the matches taking the first position, then Seboche with the second position while ‘Mamohau and Tebellong was a tie for third position. St. Joseph’s Hospital won the trophy for soccer, Paray Hospital took the second place, while Tebellong and Scott was a tie for third position. Seboche Hospital won pool games taking the first position, Tebellong Hospital took the second position and Paray Hospital came third. The overall winner was Paray Hospital and Seboche was awarded a host ward as a token of appreciation for hosting the games. More Stories here


CHAL is a voluntary organization of six member churches, namely; The Anglican Church in Lesotho, The Assemblies of God Church, The Assemblies of God Church, The Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa, The Roman Catholic Church, and The Seventh Day Adventist Church of Southern Africa. The Association was registered in Lesotho in 1974 under the Societies Act following some historical developments briefly discussed below. CHAL currently provides about 40% of health care in Lesotho and is a key partner of the GoL in the health sector. Among the member churches they own 8 hospitals and 71 health centres throughout Lesotho